How to Find a Dog that will Fit Your Personality

How to Find a Dog that Will Fit Your Personality

Are you finally ready to welcome a dog into your life? Well, you must then be ready to embrace change, positively. Having a dog around can be very rewarding. A dog has the power to make you feel better, even after a long and exhausting day. It will always accept you as you are and will never judge you. So, if you want unconditional love and loyalty, a dog will give them to you without blinking.

Talking about getting a dog, do you know what dog breed you’re going to get? Most certainly you have a few in mind. However, to enjoy an excellent connection with your dog and have a beautiful relationship for very many years to come, you should choose a dog that suits your personality and lifestyle. For instance, a Husky can be very charming, with its athletic allure and bright blue eyes. But, if you are not an active person, the high-energy and outgoing Husky can turn out to be too much to handle.

No matter how much you like a particular dog breed, take your personality and lifestyle into account when making the final choice. A dog will indeed change your life, but how much are you willing to change it? Getting a dog that is as close as possible to your personality type and pattern will help both of you to adjust easier and develop a relationship you will both enjoy.

You first need to know yourself

You won’t be able to choose a suitable dog if you don’t know yourself well enough. Don’t lie to yourself that you’ll be more outgoing or active if you’re not truly motivated to make such changes happen. Think about the fact that a dog is a large responsibility. So, if you opt for an active dog breed and you won’t have the desire or willingness to be the same, then that dog will suffer. Every dog should enjoy a daily walk, but while others may need a couple of hours of daily exercising, some will be happy with a 15 to 20 minutes walk.

On the other hand, if you like outdoor adventures, like hiking and camping, it is not a good idea to get a small and fragile dog. For intense activities and active lifestyle, you need a dog that can handle the challenge and can keep up the pace. So, try to envision how your life will be once you’ll have a dog. What will you do together? How much time you’re willing to spend in the company of your dog? What’s your budget in terms of food, accessories, grooming, and vet bills? As you can see, there are quite a few things you need to consider.

Are you a calm and introvert person? Or a social, active, and extrovert one?

One of the reasons some people end up enjoying an exceptional bond with their dogs is because they are very much alike. This means that they have a similar activity level, enjoy spending time together and do a good number of activities as often as possible. If you are a calm and quiet person, you should consider a Maltese or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, instead of a Pomeranian or Jack Russel Terrier. The first two examples are friendly, calm, and quiet types of dogs. They rarely bark, will enjoy the companionship of their owners and have a low activity level.

Of course, it is not impossible to handle a dog that has a different personality, but you will have to invest a greater amount of time and effort into making your relationship work. Unfortunately, many dog owners have a hard time controlling their dogs or adjusting their behavior. This is why you should perform in-depth research of a particular breed before you make your final call.

Where will you live?

Your current living space should also be considered when choosing a dog. Larger dog breeds will not feel that comfortable inside a small apartment. If you like larger dogs, but you don’t have a backyard, you should compensate for the lack of living space with plenty of outdoor exercising. This means that you should give your dog the chance to burn all of its energy and enjoy time outside. When it comes to this part, you need to be realistic whether your daily schedule can allow this or not.

In case you don’t have space, time, or energy to take care of a large dog, opting for a smaller breed would be a much better choice. Small dog breeds will fit better inside an apartment and usually have lower exercising requirements. But, you still need to think well before opting for a particular dog breed. Looking for the right puppy is not an easy task and you need to find a reliable and trustworthy provider. Premier Pups dedicates its entire activity to connecting dog enthusiasts and families with their dream puppies. At Premier Pups, the chances for you to find the ideal dog are very high, as quality and outstanding customer services are a must.

How much are you willing to invest in dog care?

This is another aspect you will have to consider before getting a dog. Besides spending on dog food, accessories, and vet visits, you will need to decide whether you can fit more expenses into your budget. For instance, there are breeds known for being prone to developing health issues that can turn out to be rather costly. These breeds are usually very beautiful, but if you want such a dog you will need to be aware of the risks. Also, some breeds will require periodic grooming and getting the coat cut at a professional pet salon.

So, if you truly want to enjoy the companionship of a dog, you should choose a breed that fits your personality and living style. Choosing a dog that is compatible with you and your life means that both you and your dog will enjoy life. Make a good choice and you will learn all about unconditional love and loyalty.

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