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Flights are booked, hotel is booked and you are ready to go! Oh wait … “What are we going to do with our fur babies!?” … That is where we come in!

A professional pet sitting service allows you to travel in comfort, knowing that everything is taken care of! Opt for less stress for both you and your pets by giving them the care they need in the comfort of your own home. Using live-in pet sitting services means that your pets will not need to adjust to a new environment during the already anxious time of being away from their family – the sitter will stay in your home and provide all the love and care that you would to your pets and home.

“Phewf! Fur babies are taken care of! But I have never used a pet sitter before. What information do they need?”  

Lucky for you, professional pet sitting services should have a comprehensive contract that makes it nice and simple to record all of the information your sitter will need during your absence! Here are a few extra items you should also take care of prior to your trip:

1 ) Inform your vet! Let them know you will be away and who your pet sitter is. Leave them your credit card information and/or an Absent Owner Treatment Authorization Form.

2) Stock up on supplies! Ensure you have enough pet food and essentials at your home. If that is not possible, let your pet sitter know where to purchase extra food and supplies.

3) Make an off-limits list! Let your pet sitter know what is off-limits in your home (e.g. the dog isn’t allowed on the couch, or you have an expensive espresso machine you would prefer the sitter not use).

4) Quirky home? Provide information on any quirks your home has (e.g. you need to jiggle the key in the lock for it to unlock, or instructions for working the shower).

5) Pet allergies? Inform your pet sitter of what they are and what to do if your dog comes into contact with them.

6) Personality check! Provide personality information about your dog (e.g. maybe they are great with people but not great with other dogs, or they love getting scratched behind the ears but hate belly rubs).

Your dogs are your family and it is so important to ensure that they will be loved and cared for in your absence. Using a professional and quality pet sitting service allows you peace of mind when you need to be away from your fur babies!

Assured Home and Pet Care provides fully bonded and insured in-home pet sitters to Calgary, Cochrane and area. Most of our sitters have been trained in pet first aid through the Walks N’ Wags Pet First Aid program! Need a pet sitter for an upcoming trip? Mention the promo code DogLife10 to receive a 10% discount on your next booking!


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