We all know the healing effects massage can have on us. Relaxation, improved range of motion, reduce pain and relief of tight muscles. But did you know that dogs can achieve similar results?

Valerie recognized the many amazing benefits for our furry companions, and now operates Pawsitive Touch Canine Massage, which offers in-home canine massage services.


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What is your business? 

Pawsitive Touch Canine Massage is a mobile, in-home service providing Therapeutic Maintenance, Performance (Sporting and Working dogs) and Rehabilitation massage. I am the owner/operator and I received my certification through Northwest School of Animal Massage in Vashon, Washington in 2013.

I also have specialized certifications in Trigger Point Therapy, Stress Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy and Manuel Ligament Therapy™.


What inspires you to do what you do?

I became a Canine Massage Therapist because of my love for dogs. I wanted to pursue a career where I could make a difference while promoting their health and well-being. I have owned pets my entire life, and after fifteen years of teaching could no longer ignore my passion.  In 2012, I began my journey to obtain my certification.

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What is the best part of your job?

The absolute best part of my job is seeing the relief in a dog’s face when I’ve taken away their pain.  Sometimes the relief is instant, like a tight muscle or a knot, while other times a more serious issue, like  arthritis or trigger points, may take more than one session.  But no matter what the problem is, you can see  it in the dog’s face and eyes when the pain has been alleviated, and that is so heartwarming to me.

What phrase would define what you are up to with this business?

Canine Massage is a safe, natural, holistic method of healing and maintaining your dog’s health and wellness.

Can you share a personal experience that you will always remember?

I worked on a 110 lb Giant Alaskan Malamute who had been limping for weeks after chasing a rabbit. The dog’s owner brought him to me to see if I could provide him with any relief.  I did a full body massage with a focus on the sensitive area. I touched his thigh and he turned his head and bit at me.  After going through this motion four times, he finally let me put my hand on his thigh.  (He never did actually bite me…he was just letting me know that it hurt!)  I was able to determine that he had an adhesion (knot) in his bicep femoris muscle.  Gradually I was able to put more and more pressure on the injured area until eventually I worked out the adhesion.   The owner went upstairs for a moment and when she came down, her dog was running around and playing with me without any sign of a limp.  The look on both their faces just reinforced why I do what I do.

How long have you been operating in Calgary?

I have been operating in Calgary (and the surrounding area) since June 2013.

image-relaxed-dogHow does this service make a difference for dogs?

Canine massage does for dogs what massage does for humans.  It works to heal sore joints and muscles, promotes longevity and helps to alleviate stress.

Canine massage therapy can be offered for competition (agility, herding, flyball, etc), performance (Search and Rescue, military and police K9, guide dogs, sledding, etc), rehabilitation purposes (dogs with injuries, rescue dogs, etc) or simply for relaxation and well-being.


You can find Pawsitive Touch Massage at and on Facebook.

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