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Does your dog have trapped emotions? Bizarre question, right? Many people believe dogs don’t have emotions, let alone trapped emotions. As a dog parent, you know your dog experiences emotions. You know when your dog feels happy, sad, insecure or even guilty. Animal rescuers also know dogs feel lots of emotions including betrayal, terror, overwhelm, and panic. So, the question isn’t whether your dog experiences emotions but whether your dog has trapped emotions.

The next question is, “so what?” The answer is that a single, trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems for your dog. If your dog had a happy start and lives a happy life, he or she can still have trapped emotions. If your dog is a rescue dog who came from troubling or terrifying circumstances, the potential for trapped emotions is significantly higher.

Scientists have known for years that in both humans and animals, emotions are simply chemical events that occur in the body. The brain interprets these different chemical events as different emotions. Although humans have a broader range of emotions, dogs have emotions nonetheless.

Typically, emotions are experienced and processed fully. Sometimes emotions aren’t processed completely and the energy of the emotion somehow becomes trapped within the dog’s physical body. It is generally when a dog goes through something stressful that this occurs. This can be something simple like being scolded for getting in the garbage. Or, from something more traumatic like being abandoned. According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code and creator of an energy healing process by the same name, your dog can even have trapped emotions from your stressful life events like a heated argument, a job loss, or your divorce.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Albert Einstein proved this years ago. This means that at their core, emotions are energy. Energy needs to flow optimally for optimal well-being. When emotions don’t process fully this energy becomes trapped.

Trapped emotions are like balls of energy. They are invisible but they exist. They have been measured to range in size from an orange to a melon. This trapped energy can occur anywhere in your dog’s body – in a muscle, an organ, a bone, etc. This can lead to unexplained pain, diminished functioning, behavioural changes and so on. Imagine if you had a ball of trapped energy in your shoulder. You likely have unexplained pain there and you might also feel cranky. This is the same for your dog.

Trapped emotions can be easily released. Because trapped emotions are energy, using another form of energy, like magnetic energy, is the most efficient way to release them. You can learn how to release your dog’s trapped emotions by following Dr. Nelson’s instructions in his The Emotion Code book or you can work with someone who does this kind of energy healing work.

Knowing your dog can have trapped emotions and doing something about them are great steps to helping your dog feel his or her best.

This not a substitute for veterinary care. If your dog needs medical attention seek veterinary care.
About the author: Kim Buck is an animal energy healing practitioner who is passionate about the well-being of animal companions. She has been doing energy healing on animals for over 10 years and offers distance healing sessions by phone. For more information visit

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