Regular exercise is just as important for our companions as it is to us. Not only does it improve their physical health, it can also play a critical role in their emotional well-being and provide much needed structure and stimulation. But sometimes our own physical abilities or limitations might not allow us to keep up with the energy levels of our furry friends.

That’s why we were so doggone excited when we learned about Dog Gone Running! A one-of-a-kind running service, just for dogs!


What is your business?

Our business is Dog Gone Running. We provide a very specialized service to Calgary’s dog owners, by taking their dog out for a one-hour run. These runs typically happen right from your home, or the dog runner will provide transportation to a nearby park if that is mutually agreed upon.

How does this service make a difference for dogs?

There are so many dogs out there who need more exercise than they are getting. (Isn’t that the truth for a lot of us people too??) Not only are we positively impacting the health of our four-legged clients, but also their behaviour. A tired dog is not as likely to misbehave, especially when the owner is absent when he/she has had an hour of physical and mental stimulation with one of our Dog Runners.

Finish the following sentence: “We believe that dogs…”border-collie-calgary-dog-life

We believe that dogs love to run!

What is the best part of your job?

THE BEST part of our job is that we get to combine
two of our passions, running and dogs!

What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide structured physical and mental stimulation for dogs to improve their health, behaviour and happiness.

What else do you want Calgarians to know about your business?

People often compare us to dog walking companies, but there are so many ways that we are different. For one, we typically only have one dog out with a runner at a time. A big focus of some of our dogs is to improve leash behaviour. Occasionally, to socially benefit a dog, if two dogs are compatible we may provide a play/run date, but this is only if it benefits both dogs. Many dogs don’t want to be walked in a pack with 6-10 other dogs. Also, we typically cover approximately 3 times the distance of a typical dog walk and are out for two to three times as long or more. DGR is perfect for the active dog, who needs to release pent-up energy, for whom a dog walk is not enough.


Want to get in touch with Dog Gone Running? You can find them at You can also like them on Facebook, or follow them @DogGoneRunning1 on Twitter or @Dog_Gone_Running on Instagram.

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