RUMOUR HAS IT – 3 Fun treats for your dog this summer!

Although not on the official menus, we dug around and uncovered 3 tasty treats that are sure to get you a high paw from your dog!

1)    May we interest you in a Pup Cup? At Dairy Queen, you can request a Pup Cup, which is a small serving of vanilla ice cream. Nothing says summer like delicious soft serve ice cream!

2)    In the Tims drive-through waiting for your large double-double? Don’t forget to ask for a dog-friendly Timbit too. Make sure you specify dog-friendly though, as these are specially selected without sugar on them and are low fat for our four legged friends!

3)    Next time you ask for a Grande, non-fat, no whip, soy latte, be sure also to ask your barista for a Puppacccino, which is a small cup filled with whip cream. Starbucks offers this tasty delight just for the pup’s. Yum!  

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