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Volume 2 | Issue 1  Radish

Our current issue (affectionately named after this seasons cover model, Radish) is now out! Be sure to grab your copy when you are out and about! Check out the Find Us Page to scout out a distributor nearest you 🙂

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Cover Photo: Cameras & Canines Fine Photography


When we began contemplating ideas for this issue of the magazine, we noticed a recurring theme showing up in our content around the unique and inspirational things that people have done to pay tribute to their dogs.

As we moved forward with this idea and got busy organizing stories and photos that would be sure to please our readers, things started to shift. Some ideas got changed, some got a little refined, and some derailed completely. We learned quickly, that much like our dogs, we just needed to be adaptable, stay open to new possibilities, and take life as it comes. “Roll with the punches” as they say! The dogs told us: “Who’s got time to stress when there are dog parks to explore and smells to sniff anyways?” We agree.

That’s just another one of the insightful perspectives that dogs can bring to our lives, isn’t it? The truth is, they impart many gifts in our lives. A big one that stood out for us lately was their ability to ignite our human capacity for greatness. And over the past few months, we’ve been connecting with just that.

We have been fortunate to work with many talented writers, photographers, and entrepreneurs. As our content continued to evolve, we were touched and inspired by the stories of dedicated volunteers reuniting lost dogs with their families, and compassionate people giving a second chance to an otherwise overlooked senior canine. We were impressed by millennials taking on passion projects, and have witnessed the sense of camaradery and community that dogs seem to foster amongst Calgarians. We even had the thrill of meeting Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden, who is lending her voice to the “Dogs with No Names” initiative, and the amazing Pearls 365 project! It has been an always exciting, sometimes overwhelming… mostly fun… issue in the making!

And with that, may you enjoy this issue! We hope that the stories we have put together awaken some of your own dog-inspired, human greatness to be unleashed into the world as well.

Now we’re off to play in the snow!

Jodie & Sarah

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