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Going to the vet can be a really stressful experience for our dogs, so having the option for at home vet care is a great alternative. Meet Dr. Dekens, who was one of the first veterinarians offering this service in Calgary.

What is your Business?

Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 1999. We have veterinarians, a veterinary assistant and a certified dog trainer on staff. We offer in-home veterinary services, private dog training, behavioural assessments and we have surgical space to perform surgeries and dentals for our clients.

How does your service make a difference for dogs?

With our in-home mobile vet service, we take the stress out of veterinary appointments! We offer convenient, stress-free appointments in the comfort of your home. We come to you! When you need us, 7 days a week- days, evenings and weekends. We provide routine veterinary care in your home and offer dental and surgical care in a clinical space with pet taxi service if needed.

Our mobile vet service is perfect for anxious dogs, multiple pet households, geriatric or palliative dogs and for our clients with limited transportation. I have a special interest in animal behaviour and my past experience as a certified professional dog trainer gives me the experience required to deal with nervous and reactive animals. Be seeing animals in their natural home environment we can better assess any behavioural issues, offer training tips and recommendations through personalized dog training with our certified CPDT-KA dog trainer on staff.

What is your Mission?

Our mission is to provide the best quality veterinary care to you and your animals in the comfort of your home. We want to establish lasting relationships with you and your animals while offering full service care in a caring and compassionate way.

Where did the idea or inspiration come from to start your business?Dekens veterinary services calgary dog life

The idea and inspiration to start a mobile veterinary practice stem from my experience as a young man growing up in Belgium. Services provided in the home was commonplace in Belgium. Our own family doctor would also routinely make housecalls. It was convenient and more relaxing to have the services come to us. Another great source of inspiration came from the writings of the British veterinarian Dr. James Herriot and his book “All Creatures Great and Small”. James Herriot was a mobile veterinarian who travelled the countryside to serve the need of a variety of animals. After many years working for the Calgary Humane Society as their sole veterinarian and working in emergency, I realized I wanted a more personal relationship with my clients and to take my veterinary practice “on the road” to care for companion animals in their natural home environment and where they were most comfortable.

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” – Dr. James Herriot

What is the best part of your day?

The best part of my day is that I get to meet so many wonderful clients who care deeply for their companion animals and want what is best for their fur babies. I am honoured to be invited into their homes and I feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the experience for my clients and their pets is less stressful in comparison to visiting a regular veterinary clinic. Often I have served generations of pet owners and I feel like their animals become part of my extended family as I see them from young kittens and puppies through to old age and crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. It is a privilege to do the work I do; to have such variety and opportunity to connect with so many people, sharing my veterinary experience and knowledge and creating a strong and supportive yet family-like team to work with me.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

If I were a dog, I think I would be a Pug. The reason I say that is because I can become easily distracted by all that is required operating a growing mobile vet practice. I am interested in many aspects of my veterinary work and doing housecalls offers me the opportunity to experience variety and excitement on a daily basis. I enjoy the stimulation and challenge. One thing I can certainly say about my work – it is never boring!

If you would like to get in touch with Dekens Housecall Vets, you can visit their website at or call (403) 615-8016. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Yelp or email [email protected].

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