Leaving our pets can be just as stressful on us as it is for them. Leaving them at home with a reputable pet sitter is a great alternative for when you have to leave, and can offer some peace and reassurance for everyone involved.

We’d like to introduce to you to PawsNWhiskers House and Pet Sitting.

paws-n-whiskers-dog-business-calgaryWhat is your business?

You love your pets and you love your home. So will we. This statement communicates our purpose and reminds us every day that we are here to help ease your mind while you are away from your pets. PawsNWhiskers Pet And Home Care’s goal is to provide your pets with outstanding love and care, in their own environment, while you are away. We serve the city of Calgary with a goal to expand into outlying areas by 2017. Our caregivers are available to do in-home visits, dog walking, security checks and overnight stays.


What inspires you to do what you do? 

We are inspired by helping all animals, whether they have a home or are awaiting their forever home. The partnerships we’ve established with local foundations and charities have allowed us to create win-win situations for the animals in our communities. We donate 10% of our income to aid the fostering, medical and rescue efforts of our partner organizations. We value the work that they do and in-kind they work with us, referring their contacts to PawsNWhiskers ensuring that they get the best loving, caring pet and home sitting service while they are away.

How does your business make a difference for dogs?

happy-dog-face-calgary-dog-publicationsMany people recognize that pets are most comfortable in their own environments, dogs included. While there are many reputable and amazing kenneling services in our city, that situation just doesn’t feel right for some pets and we recognized that need. Our caregivers go right to our client’s homes, spending quality time with their pets and treating them as if they are their own.

Our contributions to the dog community are far reaching. Our owners and employees have participated in rescuing dogs, building dog houses, making dog and cat blankets, fostering dogs and cats, conservation efforts, adopting animals and protecting the rights of animals across the world.

We live what we believe. Action is necessary to bring change and create communities where all animals are treated not only fairly but treated with kindness and compassion.

Where did the idea or inspiration come from to start your business?

We have always been passionate about animals, taking part in charity work for over 20 years. Our pet caregivers have been involved in donation drives, quilting cat and dog blankets for charities, building dog houses for reserve dogs and financially contributing to various foundations both locally and internationally. Animals are our passion therefore, it made sense for us to open a business that was animal focused, where we work closely with them while contributing to the good of the larger community through partnerships with charities.

What is the best part of your day?

Walking into a client’s home and initially seeing an excited wagging dog is one of the best parts of our job. Cuddling, petting and building that special relationship always leaves our hearts feeling full!

Can you share a personal experience related to your business that you will always remember?

Sometimes the tough ones are the most memorable. After the owners had left on their vacation, I went to visit the two dogs I was caring for, one a Labrador cross and the other a large rescue. Upon entering the home, I quickly realized that both dogs were happy to see me when their parents were there, but only one was happy to see me when they were not. I was greeted with both full body wags and licking from one and head down, growling from the other. I knew that this would take some trust building! The first three visits held the same results. He would tolerate me coming in to feed him, but he did not want me touching him. He allowed me to put a leash on him, but he did not enjoy his walks. Challenge accepted my little friend!

Every day I would come in quietly, yet confidently and sit on the floor getting a little closer every visit. While feeding him, I would stand a little closer, talking softly, until on the fourth visit I ran my fingers through his fur. And then something happened.

The following day I came in and he sat next to me, he leaned against me and while getting his food out, I felt a little lick on my hand. That’s when I knew I had his trust. Every walk after that, I felt his confidence, his protection over me. I felt like I had a trusted friend.

There are so many personal stories to draw from, but this is one of my favourites. This experience taught me that there is great love in the most apprehensive of animals.

To learn more about their services, visit their website at or you can like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. To contact them directly, you can email them at [email protected] or phone: (587) 500-3647.

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