Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer With These Wonderful Tips

KEEP YOUR DOG COOL IN SUMMER WITH THESE WONDERFUL TIPS – Summertime means more of evening outings and playful time in the yard or park with your furry canine friends. However, soaring temperature also leaves many pet parents worried and sceptical about taking their dogs out with them. After all, it is too hard to

How to Find a Dog that will Fit Your Personality

How to Find a Dog that Will Fit Your Personality Are you finally ready to welcome a dog into your life? Well, you must then be ready to embrace change, positively. Having a dog around can be very rewarding. A dog has the power to make you feel better, even after a long and exhausting

Foods to Avoid Feeding your Dog

Nothing can be better than having a pet, especially a dog. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend. Bringing a dog into your home and lives is absolutely amazing but it is also a matter of great responsibility. Not only will you have to be its friend and play with it but you

How to Feed Your Senior Dog

As your dog grows older, their nutritional needs will change. As older dogs tend to be less active and have a slower metabolism, you may notice that your dog gains weight as he ages. As you get older, you may need to switch to a lower calorie diet. Also to keep your dog active, you

Grain-Free Dog Food: Hype or Healthy?

Grain-Free Dog Food: Hype or Healthy? The grain-free pet food market takes in about $2.2 billion in U.S. sales every year. Based on its popularity it seems only reasonable to assume it’s healthy. But is grain-free dog food really a healthier choice? It’s a question many pet parents are asking in the wake of an

Flea, Tick and Worming Treatments Compared!

FLEA, TICK AND WORMING TREATMENTS COMPARED! We know that keeping fleas, ticks and worms at bay is a top priority for all pet parents. But according to PetBucket, the global retailer of tick and flea treatment, pet owners have a lot of questions regarding flea, tick and worming treatments. Which products treat which parasites? Which

Can Dogs Smell Fear?

CAN DOGS SMELL FEAR? – By, Emma Williams, Petbucket Pet owners have long known that dogs can pick up on their emotions, but new research is showing that, thanks to their powerful noses, our pets can literally sniff out how we feel. Here, PetBucket, the pet treatment specialist, explains more: Dog owners have long suspected

How to keep your dog healthy this Holiday Season

HOW TO KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON – By Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, RD, Senior Nutritionist, Petcurean The holidays are fast approaching! As the weather cools, and we spend more time indoors, it’s pretty easy to indulge a little. Preventing weight gain is key to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Studies show

Ketogenic Diets for Dogs

KETOGENIC DIETS FOR DOGS – By Alice Messler In recent years, there are more and more people jumping on the ketogenic craze. In humans, ketogenic diets have been shown to aid in weight loss, help build muscle, treat epilepsy, migraines, depression, diabetes, and most importantly cancer. Beyond showing benefits in humans, there has been a

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